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Silhouette Desire #1542
ISBN: 0-373-76542-8 
October 2003


One lucky bachelor is about to inherit millions! And not just any bachelor--but the chivalrous cowboy Leanna Jensen has coveted ever since she read about his boyhood escapades in his daddy's old love letters. And now Patrick Lander has grown into a hard-muscled, smolderingly sexy Texan. 

As executor of Hollywood legend Arch Golden's estate, Leanna is honor-bound to fulfill the deathbed promise she'd made to Arch. She's to find Arch's illegitimate son Patrick and give him his due. The straitlaced virgin hadn't counted on melting beneath Patrick's hot, hungry stare...or experiencing exquisite tenderness in his protective arms while she bided her time playing hostess at the family-run dude ranch. Would her proclamations of love fall on deaf ears when Patrick discovered he didn't have Lander blood coursing through his veins?

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